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   These are the most recent feedback and recomendations from the online survey form. Thank you so much in helping us improve the quality of our dentistry and service. ~ Dr. Kezian and Staff

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Dear Dr. Kezian and staff,
I am writing today in order to thank you for your superior service, attentiveness, and care in treating my dental problem a few weeks back.  As you may remember, I came to your office with a problem in my cavity filling, which Dr. Kezian ultimately treated with a metal-porcelain fused crown.  While your emails around that time urged me to complete a satisfaction survey for the benefit of your patients and potential patients, I have waited until now, many weeks after my treatment, in order to write my own “satisfaction survey” because I wanted to be able to fully evaluate your services with the advantage and perspective of time.

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I would also like to thank you for your quick response when, after my initial visit to your office and while I had a temporary crown in one of my teeth, I had a complaint about sensitivity in that tooth.  Your office was kind, attentive, and gracious enough to see me immediately, which I truly valued as the problem was easily fixed in just a few minutes with you.  That such a correction should occur without charge was clear to me, and I thank you for having the same opinion.

This is the best Dentist office I have ever been to! My boyfriend even commented on how lucky I was to have such a great dentist and he only saw the waiting room! Dr. Kezian is extremely talented! I was SO scared to get my wisdom teeth pulled and he did it so fast with NO pain (w/out painkillers or anything). I am very impressed. The staff is so nice and they make me feel so comfortable. I have never left the dentist in such a great mood.
Thank You !!!

~ Jennifer

All I have to say is that I will never go to another dentist again. Dr. Kezian is truly a master at work. He and his staff are nice, professional and efficient.
~ Jaklin


This is the friendliest, most courteous dental office I have been to.  I really like the neighborhood atmosphere.

~ Andrew


I’ve had 3 appointments so far – and 2 more to come.
I’m a pretty nervous dental patient, and Dr. Kezian and his staff have been incredible in terms of their care, their professionalism, and the results of their work.
~ Aliyah


It is always a pleasure having Dr. Kezian as my primary dentist.
Happy Holidays to you and your amazing/friendly staff.

~ Darren


Thank you for your explanation of the procedures and your warm atmosphere. Despite my misgivings about the extent of the work I require, I feel that I am in good hands from beginning to end. An exceptional experience!

~ Asher


I just wanted to let you know that it was very nice meeting you all.  I really had a nice time while I was there.  Everyone was pleasant and professional and most of all…happy. 

~ J


Dr. Tashjian and Dr. Kezian are the absolute best dentists in the entire world.

~ Kevin


I was 100% impressed with the professionalism, courtesy and technology used.  I am worried to give referrals because I will never get in…lol.

~ Justin


It’s always such a pleasure visiting Dr. Kezian’s office.  He’s very conservative in preserving my natural teeth…which I love!  and his procedures/treatments are very gentle, precise, and affordable. His technology is the greatest.  He explains everything in a way that I understand, and I\’m always fully comfortable there.  One thing I really appreciate is that he is always on time & spends enough time with his patients.  He\’s very calm, happy, and confident, and he should be!  He is the best!  He really knows what he\’s doing, and he\’s really trained his staff very well.  They are all so professional and personable. I HONESTLY enjoy “going to the dentist!!”

~ Tamar


Thanks so much for always being the best and taking such good care of my teeth!

~ Christy


I don’t have any horror stories from past dental visits, so I do judge on a higher level than probably most do.  That being said, my experience in Dr. Kezian’s office was more than satisfactory.  The work, the service and the flex ability were more than I had expected…and they even through in a hot towel at the end for good measure.  I have already recommended his office to my co-workers. 

~ Scott


Charlie and I have been coming to Dr. Kezian\’s office for some 15+ years and will continue to come until we win the lottery and move to Tuscany (I can dream, can\’t I?)  I always feel I\’m in very capable hands when I\’m in the chair because the staff is so professional and proficient and friendly too.

~ Susan


Once again, I like to thank everyone at Dr. Kezian’s office.
You’ve met all my highest expectations in all areas from treatment to hospitality.
~ Luz


Once again, and AS ALWAYS… I had the best experience at Dr. Kezian\’s office.  Every time I walk out of that door, I feel amazing.  It\’s such a friendly, skilled, and professional, and soothing environment.  They really keep the energy in their office so pleasant.  Everyone is very happy to be there, the staff and patients.  The doctor is always punctual, and works very efficiently.  He\’s very confident in his work, and he is also conservative … whereas other dentists have recommended extreme procedures. 
I had a cleaning by Dr. Tashjian, and she is also amazing.  They are the best team!
Every time I leave the office, I feel so relaxed & happy.   If you have ever dreaded going to see the dentist… go to Dr. Kezian.  I assure you that in your first visit, you will know why everyone wants to spread the good word.  I wish EVERYONE knew how simple dentist visits could be!  I’m so pleased with how they care for my teeth, that want to tell the world!!!

~ Samuel


Excellent as always. Nice to see all of you again!

~ Cameron


The staff is the friendliness and the dentists very patient and compassionate…this leads to a relaxed, calm environment that helps patients cope with anxiety often developed surrounding dental work. Thank you!

~ Erica


As Always …great job!!!

~ Jean


A wonderful and supportive team and I appreciate Dr. T’s thorough, caring, and sensitive work today as usual. Thanks to the whole team for your efforts and good work.
(okay to publish on your site)

~ L


Dr. K., you are awesome!  You still have the magic touch!  Gracias!!!

~ Martha

It’s always such a pleasure visiting Dr. Kezian and his sweet staff!  They are all so professional…as well as personable.  It\’s the warmest environment!  They are all so skilled, and they explain everything so clearly.  Dr. Kezian is conservative in that he likes to preserve his patients\’ natural teeth…rather than rush into anything…  basically… zero pressure on the patient.  He genuinely cares about each patient.  You can tell they all love what they do…they\’re very relaxed and confident in their work.  I always receive compliments on my teeth…and I owe it all to Dr. Kezian and his staff.  They give me more reason to smile.  I wish everyone could experience a visit to his office…just to see why I feel SO happy after every treatment or check-up!  I feel more like I’ve just been at a spa, than at the dentist’s.

~ Tamara


I literally could be the woman in the 1800 Dentist commercial; however Dr. Tashjian welcomes me back and puts me at ease no matter how long I stay away.

~ Velma

I would like to finish up by applauding you for NOT doing something that most all dental practices do.  It is something that truly every dental patient despises, because it at once makes the patient feel like little more than an ATM, and at the same time de-legitimizes the dentist as a medical professional.  The behavior I speak of is that intolerable pitching of unnecessary services such as teeth whitening, “deep cleaning” of the gums, etc.  When a patient comes to a dentist with a medical problem, he wants that problem solved.  That is all.  After the problem is solved, then and only then is the moment to pitch some other service that may be desirable.  Any pitching of a service that the dentist claims is necessary, but is in fact NOT necessary, is a repugnant proposition at any time whatsoever.  Everyone understands that cosmetic services are often more lucrative to the dental office than basic services, but as you have recognized, the patient’s ailment should be everyone’s first priority.  I, in particular, am sensitive on this topic because prior dentists have performed, and suggested performing, treatments on me which were completely unnecessary just because they wanted to make some money.

In summary, thank you.  Now many weeks after having the crown put on, I feel great and don’t notice any difference from before.  I appreciate your great service as well as your lifetime guarantee on breakage of the crown.  I have already recommended your office to friends, and will continue to do so.  If you would like to put part or all of this email on your website to promote your office, please go right ahead.

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